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Tools & Die Manufacturing

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Tool & Die Manufacturing
Tool & Die Manufacturing

Marathon Technologies Inc. specializes in manufacturing precision tools and dies for simple as well as complex fabrication projects. Fixtures of various shapes and sizes are built from tool steel or carbide. Manufacturing custom fixtures for gauging, assembly, and welding is our specialty. Our job shop is equipped with 6 axis CNC wire EDM and manual machines that facilitate the production of tooling components with intricate features.

These machines enable us to produce tooling dies for various punches and work holding fixtures for CNC machines. Besides complimenting our tooling capability, EDM machines also enable us to build mold dies, prototypes, plus production parts for aerospace, military, and automotive applications. We use a 3-D computer programming system to manufacture tools with great consistency and accuracy.

Tools & Die Manufacturing Capabilities

Tool and Die Materials
Tool Steel
Tolerance (EDM Machining)
Surface Finish (EDM Machining)
4 Micro-Inch (for example)
Maximum Part Size (EDM Machining)
21" x 18" x 16"
Taper Angel (Sodick 320 Wire EDM)
15º (for example)
Taper Thickness (Sodick 320 Wire EDM)
2" (for example)
Assembly Fixtures
Custom Tools and Tooling Components
Machining Fixtures
Mold Dies
Punch Dies
Welding Fixtures
Work Holding Fixtures
ISO 9001 Certified
Software Used
3-D Computer Programming System
Quality Management System
Our SPC Inspection System complies with the Military Quality Standard of MIL-STD-45208A.
Production Welding Approved to MIL-STD-1261.
Industries Served
Commercial Manufacturing
Fluid Power
Oil Production

Equipment List

CNC Wire EDM Machines
Sodick-320D CNC Machine
Sodick-530D CNC Machine
Manual Equipment
307 Kearney Trecker S-12 Milwaukee
50 Ton Electric Press
Bisco Enterprise Clean Air System
Bisco SDT80
Boyar Schultz
Boyar Schultz Dust Collector Model No: 612
Cutter Master Inc
Dust Collector Model 612
Geared Head Precision Lathe (Jet)
Great Lakes Air
Hardinge Super Precision
Lagun Deluxe No: 10
Lagun FTV-2 No: 8
Lagun FTV-2 No: 9
Magnum Prasa
Perkins Machine Company
Rush Machinery
Sulair ES-8
Sunnen Products Company
Webb Whacheon

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